November 23, 2016

War Horse

How does the writer use language here to show us what the horse felt about being up for sale?

The writer uses language to show that the way the horse felt about about being up for the sale is that it was a dramatic experience for the horse to be sold in a auction and to be never see from his mother ever again. He uses words like ‘ terrible’ and ‘hubbub’ that makes the situation sound as if it was a confusing and a horrible place to be for a young horse.

The writer uses alot of ‘and’ because there’s alot of things or scenes happening all at once. It’s almost like he’s listing all the scenes that’s happening.  As the mother was sold before the young horse he says how ” I circled the ring in a desperate search for my mother ” that this shows that the young horse was scared and wanting to search for his mother to just see her one more time before they go on their separate ways.

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