December 11, 2015

Walkie Talkie HWK2

  1. I think that the walkie talkie was bad idea becuase its a building which is different to other buildings. But there are negative impacts on the building. People have been giving bad response about Walkie Talkie becuase it caused to damage cars, pavements and shops.

“The building was crowned with a sky garden” which tells me that this buiding has been designed and built very good. On the other hand, the people who lives or works near the Walkie Talkie gave bad comments to the building. It has effected them becuase some said” The sun light which is reflected from the building has destroyed my car”.  It’s the way the building has been built.

I personally think that the Walkie Talkie should never of been built becuase I can agree it looks nice. Although, the designer must of thought what could happen if this or that could happen. Then they have to invest more money on the problems it had to fix it. The designer should of thought what could of happen if the sun light reflected or the heat which is reflected.




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