November 14, 2015

Journal Entry

In the beginning of the book, my impression was more like “This seems to be getting interesting” because it started saying how ‘Shall I press this’ or ‘Nothing is going to happen if I press this button’. The theme is a boy called Vernon Bright who done things which he was not meant to do. Crazy things happen when Vernon do things that is a good and bad way.

The style is like a teen boy experimenting and doing things which he thinks is good. In the book he says”This big red button says’ARMED’ is for the bells and the cannon.” The cannons were actually military safety cannons practice purposes and he thought nothing was going to happen because its safe. The difference between this book and any other books is because the way the character always takes risks and thinking nothing bad is going to happen.

I noticed that in the book the author uses personification and rhetorical questions. The author sometimes extends a problem into a big problem. The the characters have there own personality and how they express it. The relationship between the style of a non- fiction and the reliability of its content is that time travelling does not exist but the character makes it, has if it is real. He thinks making a machine can make him whatever and he shows what happens to believe what is real.

In my opinion the book is similar to other books and films because it tells me how a person what to do something which is impossible, but its something people dream to happen in reality.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and you obviously have thought about the book. Can I ask you to just add something saying how this relates to your theme?

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