February 7, 2016


The Dickensian Aspect

The issues around poverty today is that more and more people are living in poor conditions. About 896 million people are in developing countries live on $1.90 a day or less. This is not enough for a whole family because of the cost of food, taxes, water etc. This tells me that more than half of the world are living in bad situations for example Syria. The war that is happening in Syria effects the people of the shootings and killings makes people desperate to leave, seek help and to start a new life.

From my point of view is that there’s more poor people living in refugee camps or in a inadequate housing. Sometimes people in the UK and in other countries take things for granted. People don’t realise how poor people have to face with the conditions and the situations they have to live everyday. One of the things we mostly take for granted is water and food. The reason why is because there is a large amount of people who consume and waste food. Water is one of the most important resource and most countries have a lack of clean water. We use water for a lot of things but some of things we use it for no need. Children die from diseases and drinking dirty water because they don’t have any options left. They take risks to try and live.

In some countries they use a large amount of food for example USA. Roughly half of the population people are obesity because the large amount of food they consume and the amount of money they spend. With that amount of money spent, can be given to the poor and could at least feed a few families. 795 million people do not have enough to eat which is a large amount of people starving. Based on what I know, is that people who are poor can’t afford a good amount of food because of the wages they receive is a low amount.

People who lives in poverty work for long hours to try a buy food for their families and to survive. If I had a family and living in those conditions I would do the same and try to give what’s best to my family. It’s hard to see people trying to survive in those conditions and some people don’t realise how hard and how life is not fair.

As a conclusion, the issues today is that the charity’s, donations, the red cross and many more are tackling with this situation. This consists with a lot of help and a large amount of money to try and balance out the rich and the poor.  I think that we should realise how lucky we are and the amount of resources available to us.





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