February 5, 2016


If I was to make a modern day Christmas Carol I would set it in London because some parts in the city there are some old building. This can create the atmosphere  like in Dickens time and the buildings in London are old which is much more easier than creating the whole set. It can also cost alot of money if I was to create old buildings and to create a whole set. The reason why I have chosen London is because the way people before and now celebrate Christmas. People spend alot money even if your poor or rich and spend there time to decorate and to buy alot of food for there family.

I would want a actor who can act like Scrooge( cold hearted, miserable). It wouldn’t be easy to find the right actor and age to act as Scrooge but eventually I could. I want this actor be a cruel and cold but happy, joyful and caring. A good actor is who can understand an the feelings to Scrooge. A person who can be ambitious and comfortable to act like someone who is different and who would like a challenge.


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