January 17, 2016

Extract B

In Extract B the feeling is scary because its saying how a lot of things is happening all at once. Its like a nightmare which a lot of things happening. Then Dickens describes how the appearance of the ghost comes up and the way it looks. he writes as if it was a list and that it sounds like a lot of things is happening at the night. The feeling which Scrooge has encountered which he has never felt before.

Dickens begins to talk about the way the ghost looks like and some clothing which makes scrooge think it is. Scrooge asks the ghost if its a spirit which machismo realise that he doesn’t believe in ghosts but in spirits. Spirits come to people for a reason and a purpose to change or to realise you need to change.

I personally think the description tells me that the ghost of Christmas past will try to show him what he needs to change. His personality and emotions is really cold hearted and never really kind or happy with his life.

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  1. This shows some basic understanding. It could be improved by using evidence from the text that is specific and involves quoting from the author’s words.


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