November 29, 2015

Extract A

The way Dickens creates Scrooge’s in this passage is that he describes the features like the eyes,chin,lips etc. Dickens uses a lot of similes because he tells how hard or how soft Scrooge’s personality is. In the passage he says ‘secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster’ which means like he doesn’t express his feelings and emotions. Dickens uses a simile that describes how closed Scrooge is.

Dickens tells how nothing could make Scrooge feel more warmer or colder. There is something about Scrooge which cold and miserable.  No one dares to come near to Scrooge or to talk to him because his the way he looks or stares a people is scary. This passage gives a impact to the reader because it tells how miserable Scrooge is and how no one dares to talk to him. I personally,think that he is very lonely and he has a very, very cold heart.

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  1. This is a very interesting analysis, Santiago. You have really gotten to grips with the idea of a simile and brought out the connotations well.


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