The Dickensian Aspect The issues around poverty today is that more and more people are living in poor conditions. About 896 million people are in developing countries live on $1.90 a day or less. This is not enough for a whole family because of the cost of food, taxes, water etc. This tells me that […]

What issues there are around poverty today? Plan Opinion stated clearly that……….. Reason why there are issues around poverty….. Example that would support my reason with more detail…… Another reason of the issues around poverty….. Example or quotation to support or to go with more detail…. Then to end, the conclusion and to restate my […]

If I was to make a modern day Christmas Carol I would set it in London because some parts in the city there are some old building. This can create the atmosphere ┬álike in Dickens time and the buildings in London are old which is much more easier than creating the whole set. It can […]