The way Dickens creates Scrooge’s in this passage is that he describes the features like the eyes,chin,lips etc. Dickens uses a lot of similes because he tells how hard or how soft Scrooge’s personality is. In the passage he says ‘secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an oyster’ which means like he doesn’t express his […]

In the beginning of the book, my impression was more like “This seems to be getting interesting” because it started saying how ‘Shall I press this’ or ‘Nothing is going to happen if I press this button’. The theme is a boy called Vernon Bright who done things which he was not meant to do. […]

Hazlitt’s idea that the “poisonous mineral” of Hate burns into every human is like saying every human being has a natural substance which is evil. He uses a metaphor, aggression and personification. Hazlitt says how every human has something that everyone hates inside. When he says “Hate burns into every human” is like if people […]